SHOOSH, UP THE TRAITOR/COWARD CABOOSH! It's time for extra GOOGLEFUCKING of these TRAITORS: Aussie cunt Alan Jones (aka "Ben Cramer"), and Dutch cunt Eugene Jansen, from Apeldoorn (aka "FAKE heinrich")!
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Andrew "Andrzej" Baron
2019-12-02 19:57:35 UTC
"Ben Cramer" (real name Alan Jones, from Australia, apparently
lives in Brisbane):

https://postimg.cc/image/wcc2ok699/ (second from left).

Further information: had a son who died at a young age
(possibly suicide). A failed businessman. Here is some
input on him and his wife Sue:


"This whole Unisky debacle is little more than one crowd threw out
Alan Jones and wife who evidently bled WBS dry, and another crowd
with the same players have replaced them, created a new name, 'Unisky'
and intend to pick up where WBS left off."

"It seems Unisky, your company, Mr. Hull have acquired the remainder
of the wreckage left behind by Alan Jones and company---a corpse,
if you will. Putting that corpse in a nice shiny new pine box coffin
does nothing, the corpse must be brought back to life."


"FAKE heinrich", Real name Eugene Jansen, from Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.

Photograph with wife:
2019-12-02 19:58:54 UTC
Serves the bastards right.