Seance Consulting
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2020-01-13 10:56:29 UTC
Ernie had an estate. There wasn't much to it,
according to
Jeanette. Ernie was very poor. He had a pension from his
time in the Canadian military and from his time as a
factory worker. It was enough to live on, but, as Jeanette
tells it, not enough to do anything else.
you wanted to break into his garage like
you did your neighbors you convicted felon
2020-01-13 11:01:31 UTC
On Sun, 12 Jan 2020 18:13:13 -0600, "JusChiCinWin"
Imagine the potential of conducting a séance with a
departed polymath or genius subject matter expert.
OK. I'm imagining it.
I realize you're implying Ernie, but he claimed to
only know
English. That eliminates him being a polymath. And his
posts prove his slightly below average to average IQ.
The advice he/she would give would help our world from
If there was anything after death, and there were a
way to
contact the dead, maybe.
Of course, being ethical, since I cannot Paypal the
departed, I would share the consulting fee with the estate.
This idea makes a lot of sense. Justin
What do you believe you gain from your lying? I really
do want to
know. Not that you can be honest and answer. A truth you
will prove if you reply.
why did you let yourself get so fat, you lazy
convicted felon